Epic Mickey or Epic Mickey 2 (Spoiler Alert)
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    Epic Mickey or Epic Mickey 2 (Spoiler Alert)

    So I looked and I have yet to see a board discussing the differences, likes and dislikes from both Epic Mickey games. So here is it! Please feel free to tell me what you like. What you didn't like. Ha you can even tell me what you hated. No please remember these are my personal feelings about the games and have no reflection on anyone but myself.

    Epic Mickey: So when I first started to play I had just moved so playing a video game was not a top priority for me. I have a small TV in my bed which I had my wii hooked up too and it was very hard to play.. I felt the graphics (on a small TV) were minimal at best and it was very dark for disney. Once I moved my wii to a larger TV I fell in love with the game. The story line was great and even the environment and graphics were great. What a difference a TV size can make. I found the game play slightly challenging at best and to me putting Oswald and Mickey together was just genius! It took me some time to finish the game and to go through and get all the hidden items. Needless to say as soon as I heard they were making a second I was super excited!

    Epic Mickey 2: So after all my love for the first Epic Mickey I expected to fall in love with this game just as much. I am an avid gamer and know much better, but I couldn't help myself. I was sorely let down. It too me a grand total of 36 hours to beat the game and find all the hidden areas. I was rather upset that they didn't take the friendship of Oswald and Mickey and go crazy with it. I really had no complaints about game play in the first game, but this game was a different monster. I love the fact that a friend can jump in as Oswald and help out. Which I recommend you do. The computer Oswald is kinda dumb and to me is really just annoying. Every time I had to do something that involved jumping he either A. Got in the way or B. Fell and yelled at me to wait up. (That gets annoying) Yes I know there is an option to turn off the subtitles and I can adjust the voices I know, but when you need to hear a story or get instructions I had a hard time hearing with the voices. Sadly I also missed the gremlins mumbling. I rather enjoyed that. I love the fact that the Evil Doctor is back and singing! It wouldn't be Disney if someone didn't sing. So to kinda cut a long rant short and sum it up. I found the game play not that great. They kept some things from the first but not all. I found the Story Line unfinished. I felt a lot of stories were not finished and left you hanging for more answers. The double play, when played with a friend is FANTASTIC when played with the computer I felt like I had to babysit or I lost something I needed somewhere.

    All in all: EM2 was an OK game to say the least. I was kinda let down from the big hype that it produced when they announced it's release. Would I recommend it. Maybe to a younger child who is looking for a game to occupy time between other game releases. I wouldn't and haven't recommended it to any other adult who I know loves Disney and video games. As for EM looking back I would not change a thing. I had a blast playing that game and it was more of a challenge then EM2.

    Once again these are my opinions on these two games. I would love to hear yours. So leave a reply below and let me know how you feel!
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    For me they were fun games but I have a few flaws

    1) the game characters are supposed to be 'forgotten' or lost their heart due to loss of fans
    2) theres at least 2 characters I've seen in the game that are not forgotten not lost their fans
    Clarabell is just one of those characters, I don't see how she can be forgotten when she was in House of Mouse not that long ago, and her name was on a sign in mickeys house before they changed Toontown

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