My Little Sister is Getting MARRIED in our room!
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    My Little Sister is Getting MARRIED in our room!

    My little sister (who for the first time is tagging along with us on our Disney vacation), informed me today that she will be getting married... In our resort room (AKV Kidani). I told her she should get ahold of Photopass and hire them for a private session, and the florist, but they are pinching penny's. any suggestions? This is a first for us and I think the idea is amazing, but I want her to have as many special details as possible! The reverend is $250 and really that's the I Lu thing that they have figured out.

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    That was supposed to say "that's the only thing that they have figured out"

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    I would call the resort and see what they could help with. They maybe able to do something for you.

    Congratulations to her!

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    Re: My Little Sister is Getting MARRIED in our room!

    Disney does not allow weddings on their property unless you go through one of their Fairytale Wedding packages and they're very strict about this. You could have trouble if they find out, such as through housekeeping, room service, and obviously through Photopass, or if they are wearing wedding attire. I don't think starting a marriage by sneaking a wedding in a hotel room is a very good idea.

    We had looked into doing something like this when we were getting married, but when we found out Disney's rules, we wound up honeymooning there instead.

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    Re: My Little Sister is Getting MARRIED in our room!

    I know this is an old post, but I'd love to hear how this story ended?! Was the wedding possible in the room? How did it come out? I hope it was amazing, and everything she wanted it to be. I've been thinking about a disney wedding, but I have yet to make up my mind.

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