First time trip to Disneyworld. . Can anyone help?
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    First time trip to Disneyworld. . Can anyone help?

    Hi, i'm going on my first trip to Disneyworld in August with my fiance and two little girls (age 2 and 3)
    We are travelling from the United Kingdom and going for two weeks.
    I'd be so grateful for any tips or advice about anything to be honest.
    Can anyone recommend any nice places to eat in the parks that aren't too expensive?
    Also we have not yet booked transfers to get us from the airport to our hotel in kissimme, can anyone recommend who to book with for transfers?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi, we went last year in 2012. We stayed in the pop century resort which was a value resort and the kids loved it because of the theme and huge Disney characters. We did not want to spend a fortune on a hotel when most of our time would be spent in the parks ( that depends on your budget) Take a soft cooler and take drinks & snacks for the kids and yourselves, you save lots of money doing this. The dining plan is not a value for kids 10 & up because they charge adult price starting at age 10. Look at what they charge for a 3 year old. You may be better off buying 1 meal and having the kids share, the portions are big enough for this. If you have a refrigerator and microwave in the room then you can take breakfast biscuits to heat or pop tarts and other non perishable foods to eat for breakfast if your hotel does not offer free breakfast. For 3 kids we bought a large cheese pizza at the hotel for $15 and it was so much they did not eat it all, we put he rest in the refrigerator. Limit how many meals you eat in the parks, but enjoy a few as that is what vacation is about. Make sure the kids are comfortable, take tent fans ( we had 1 with foam blades that clipped onto he stroller) the Disney fans don't work we'll or put out enough air. We used the buses from the hotel, you can take strollers on them and you save gas. Keep the kids full, comfortable and make sure they can take naps in the stroller if needed and you should have a blast.

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    I would bring bottles of waters to the parks and just refill them over and over again. You can never drink to much water in the Florida sun ! Also since your staying for two weeks I would bring a variety of different shoes and sandals to help keep your feet comfortable and free from hurting. As well as bandaids to have on hand in case a blister happens.

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