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    I don't think there are threads on this specific topic but here are a few questions that i have about the Be our Guest restaurant:
    1. Is there some sort of set price for a certain amount of people? Or is it like a regular restaurant, with individual prices on each meal?
    2. How long do you have to book in advance to get a reservation?
    3. How long are the waits?
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    Re: Be our guest???

    180 days for dinner reservations, Lunch is a quick service meal and I think the lines can be an hour or more long we are going on march 7th for dinner but haven't been yet excited to see it and get the experience, Also there are some other threads on this topic in here try the search to get to them I believe curious alice posted in here about her experience there.
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    To add to the above post... The meals are different a prices at dinner and lunch. I am a really picky eater but went for dinner with friends in Dec and was able to order just grilled chicken (I am pretty sure she charged me a kid meal price) and some veggies. I really want to go at lunch and see what it's like.

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