Mission: eating healthy in WDW
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    Mission: eating healthy in WDW

    As I am trying to eat more healty at home, I didnít want to loose this completely on our vacation in WDW. Nice to have this mission to keep me on track if temptation was to big, haha.

    Iím not going in to whatís healthy and whatís not healthy, I am aware there are many different opinions to that, so Iíll stick to avoiding the usual hot dogs, hamburgers etc

    So, the answer to the question: can you eat healthy in WDW?
    Is: Yes, you can!!

    As we had the QS dining plan this trip, my main focus is on the QS restaurants and snacks. I think it is easier to pick a healthy choice in the TS restaurants anyway, so I think this is good.

    I did a little research before we went and saw that most QS restaurants did have at least 1 salad on the menu (mostly the Caesar Salad). So, thatís a good thing. But, were they tasty? Letís find out.

    I will bring it park by park.

    Magic Kingdom: QS restaurants:

    Be our Guest, the new star in Fantasyland has good healthy options for lunch (lunch is QS). I picked the Quinoa Salad and loved it. It was quite tasty and had green beans, potatoes, olives, roasted bell peppers and tomatos with it.
    I also saw a nice looking Tuna Nicoise Salad and different Sandwiches on the menu and tasty looking soupes. Really different choices than the average QS places. Def a place I have to go back to.

    Columbia Harbour House, well known by a lot of you has many healthy options. I absolutely LOVE the lighthouse Sandwich, itís hummus with tomato and broccoli slaw, served on Toasted Multigrain bread.
    They also have the Anchors aweigh sandwich, with white tuna, lettuce and tomato, also served on multigrain bread. DH had it and liked it a lot.They also serve 2 sorts of salads which I didnít try, as I ate a lot of salads in other QS places, I could not resist the Lighthouse Sandwich when we were here
    Other healthy choice I didnít try this time is the Grilled salmon with couscous and steamed broccoli. Def a must try for me on our next trip. And Iíve heard their soups are also very good.

    Cosmic Rayís Starlight Cafe: I must say I was not a fan, but CHH was closed and we wanted to eat something before MVMCP began. Lucky, because we were surprised in a good way. I had a tasty Greek salad (much better than the 1 I mention later in HS) and DH had the Vegetable Sandwich, served with cucumber salad. He liked it a lot too. Nice to have this other great option. Both were made in Bay 3. I saw the option of a vegetable burger in Bay 2, we didnít try this one.

    Pinocchio Village Haus: ok, this was a ďwe want to eat a quick bite before MVMCP starts and we are now here, so letís do it thanÖĒ, as we had a not so good Caesar Salad last year.
    So, this time I choose the Mediterranean Salad with mixed greens, chicken, mozzarella, Roasted Red Peppers, red onion and black olives. I was not impressed. The chicken was watery and the whole didnít have much taste. It was not bad, but def not something I take again


    You can buy fruit at different stands across the MK, I even saw fruit at the popcornstands now and than.
    Most choice is at Liberty Square Market (close to Columbia Harbour House) they even have baked sweet potato, didnít have a chance to try it this time, but also on my wishlist for next trip. Here you can also buy fruit, whole, or in slices. And Ocean Spray craisins dried cranberries, or fruit and nut trail mix. I tried the last one and itís very nice.

    Gastonís Tavern: has some healty snacks on the menu, mixed fruit cup, mixed vegetable cup with Dip, and Hummus and chips. I choose the last option, as I love Hummus. Well, I was a little disappointed with the hummes as it was not fresh. It came with graham crackers. I will not take it again soon I think.

    Epcot: QS:

    I think Epcot has the most to offer and as you can understand, I didnít have the time to try it all. So here is what we did try:

    Katsura Grill, Japan: a lot of good choices here, weíve been here twice, first time we both had the Teriyaki Tonosama combo (beef, chicken and salmon) which we both liked a lot. Second time I had the Tokyo Sushi combo. Yumyum, def my favorite of this place. But again, I have not tried all, I see they have recommendations on the menu and the Okonomi Yaki and chicken cutlet curry sounds very good. Please let me know if you have tried it. They have also Miso Soup.

    Tangierine Cafe, Morocco: This was always a favorite place for us as we like the wraps they have. This time I was on a mission and wanted to try the Vegetable Platter I heared so much about. This platter has falafel, Tangierine couscous salad, hummus, Tabouleh, Lentil Salad and marinated olives. I liked most of it, the Lentil Salad was not my taste. We had also the Mediterranean Sliders Combo and a chicken wrap (had some QS menuís left at the end of our trip) so we picked the best of all 3 meals. Again a very good meal here. Def a place we go back to every year.

    Sunshine Seasons (the Land): Although I like to eat in World Showcase more because of the beautiful sight etc, this is a place I love to eat, there are so many options you can choose from. We go here most of the time for breakfast, but this time we slept in a little, so we came in at 11, the time they change from breakfast to lunch. We could go for both, great isnít it!! DH went for the Adult Breakfast Platter (eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuit) and I went for a Mongolian beef lunch, which was very good. There is so much you can choose here, soups, salads, noodles, sandwiches and even from the grill. Canít go wrong here

    as it was Food and Wine festival, we ate snacks here, so didnít pay much attention to the normal snack options.

    Hollywood Studios: QS:

    ABC Commissary: the best surprise from our trip (on healthy eating). I had seen at home they had chicken curry on the menu, but couldnít find it on the menu in the restaurant. When I asked they said they were sorry, but they were out of curry. (the sweet lady appologized 3 times) No worry, I saw an Asian Salad and as I wanted to order quickly I decided to take that. Best choice ever!! It took a while before it was ready, but that was because the chicken was grilled fresh, yes, fresh in a QS restaurant! It was put atop the lovely mixed greens and carrots, green beans and red cole and I loved the dressing. On top of the salad were crispy fried noodles. I donít know exactly what it is, but it looks like fried noodles and tastes very good. Itís not fat at all. If someone has the recipe, please let me know. We came back later this trip for more Asian Salad and it was just as good.
    They also serve seafood, but I think itís fried, not sure of that.

    Studio Catering Company: has some good choices, I tried the Greek salad which I liked, it had all a Greek salad needs, feta, red onions, olives, tomato and salad in a nice dressing. It was good (only chopped in pieces to small for my taste), I will def take it again on a next visit. DH had the Caesar Salad wrap whith chicken. He liked it a lot. He also had the grilled vegetable sandwich later in our stay, which looked very good!! I tasted 1 bite and it was quite tasty too, I only donít remember what was on it next to grilled cheese, sorry.

    Backlot Express: I was looking forward to their Southwest Salad with Chicken. It has mixed greens, crisp corn tortilla, black bean relish, avocado and Cilantro Vinaigrette. Sounds yummie right? WellÖ.. it wasnít, unfortunately. The chicken was not good at all, tasteless, watery with chunks in it. DH had the same and found it even worse than I did. I ate around the chicken and it was doable. But I didnít like the dressing to much either. Well, first really disappointing thing (and only one, so not to bad) They also serve a grilled vegetable sandwich and a Cantaloupe and cucumber salad, maybe a better choice, but I donít think we are gonna find out (service was bad to overthere).

    I saw fresh fruit at some popcorn stands, but didnít snack (healthy) in HS this trip.

    Animal Kingdom: QS

    Tamu Tamu Refreshments:We ate breakfast here, I had the Yoghurt Parfait with strawberry (a bit to sweet) and Granola. A nice, light breakfast. DH had the egg, ham and cheese flatbread. Not healthy, but he found it to be very tasty. For lunch they have also some healthy choices, Tandori Chicken Salad, which sounds good (!) and fresh fruit salad. Only downside for me is it is out of the cooler, I donít like my fruit cold. But I completely understand this is the only way to keep it fresh.

    Yak & Yeti Local Foods Cafe (QS): I love this place, and I think all Entrees are pretty healthy. On previous visits I already tried the Honey chicken and Beef Lo Mein, so this time I liked to try the Mandarin Chicken Salad, itís mixed greens, carrot, grilled chicken and china dressing, and on top were the crispy fried noodIes I mentioned before af ABC Comm. I loved it and came back later in our trip for more.

    Pizzafari: This is one of the only good places in the parks to eat a healthy breakfast. We had eaten the Bounty Platter (scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes) before and liked it. This trip we saw something new on the menu, Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata, with salsa fresco and breakfast potatoes. Doesnít this sound delicious? Well, it did to us, and it was! Very tasteful. We only left the salsa for what is was, it didnít fit with the dish. This is def on our list for next time. If you are not that hungry, you can also take a mixed fruit cup or yoghurt parfait.
    We didnít have lunch at Pizzafari this trip, but I know from other trips that their Caeser Salad is quite tasty.

    Restaurantosaurus: I knew this place from recent trips as a ďDisney version of the big MĒ, but, looking at the menu I saw it changed a bit, so we decided to try it out! They have a Chicken BLT Salad, but as I had eaten a lot of salads lately, I decided to go for the Vegetable Subosaurus, grilled vegetables (zucchini, egg-plant and bell pepper) , mushrooms, onions and provolone, served on a toasted roll. I liked it. Probably a one time thing, but def a good roll. (maybe it is also because Iím not a big fan of egg-plant)


    Harambe Fruit Market: this is the place to go for healthy snacks in AK. They have different sorts of fruit, whole and slices, carrots & celery, yummie smoothies and Ocean Spray raisins fruit and Nut Trail Mix. We were to late to eat breakfast so we made a breakfast from fruit, smoothies and the trail mix.

    All in all we enjoyed our healthier meals we ate this trip and will continue this on our upcoming trips.

    It is a good thing you can choose apple slices or carrots instead of fries at a lot of QS places. I would be even more happy if they will come up with more healthy deserts.

    I have read WDW is doing program on eating healty in WDW, with Be Our Guest and Sunshine Seasons as restaurants to start with. Unfortunately I canít find information on their website. I will keep an eye for it and come back for this when I find more information.

    If you have further questions, please ask, hopefully I can help
    Looking forward to our Disney vacations

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    Re: Mission: eating healthy in WDW


    Fantastic report MINI Mouse.

    So many different dining options there. A few I've tried myself and a few I want to try now.

    Sounds like you really ate well - and healthily!

    Thanks so much for making such a great effort with your report.
    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
    Just a dream away!


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    Great mission report! Thanks for all the great tips. Next time I go I'm going to try to have half my meals healthy.
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    Excellent report. I've recently changed my eating habits, so I'll take your suggestions into account on my trip in October.

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    Great report, thank you for writing it!
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