Can someone tell me how they treat disabled children?
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    Red face Can someone tell me how they treat disabled children?

    My family is goin down in less than 2 months, in May, & my brother who is older than me by a year has a severe case, as the docs say, of Cerebral Palsy. He can't walk, talk, or anything that most would consider "normal" but then again, what is really normal? haha sorry. Anyway, I was wonderin how everyone would treat us? I really hope the guest won't be as rude as they seem in some of these topics. Also, how would we get on & off the rides? Is everything handi-cappable? Handicapped accessable? If not, what's not? Thank you, anyone, who gets back to me! Anything anyone tells me is a great big help. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. I had no idea where to post ^^'

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    I would treat you, your family or your brother exactly how I would treat anybody else I see at Walt Disney world. I am there to enjoy my vacation, not criticize or be mean to anybody just because they have something. Walt Disney world is the happiest place on the world. Just focus on making memories with your family & brother and not caring how you think other people will treat you guys, disney world is about fun & being a kid at heart! I hope you have a great vacation

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    I've moved this thread into our DisAbilities forum where it's a better fit.

    You might want to browse other threads in the forum too as I'm sure you'll find lots of info on ride accessibility etc.
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    Go on WDW site and search traveling with special needs. It has a lot of helpful info.

    My family wouldn't treat them any different. We are all there for the same thing to have fun!

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    Re: Can someone tell me how they treat disabled children?

    I can only echo what has already been said. We are all there to have fun and enjoy our time in a "Dream come true" and to forget about life's troubles and hardships. Go to WDW, be in the moment, and know that everyone there is there for the same reason, to have fun! Should you overhear any derogatory remarks about your brother from another guest, just bow your head, and thank God for your brother and family and the love that is shared between you all.
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    Re: Can someone tell me how they treat disabled children?


    I have a 12 year old brain injured child. He is in a wheelchair and cannot walk or transfer on his own. Each park you go to has a disabilities brochure that lists out the rides, which ones you can roll a wheelchair on, which ones you can take the chair to the ride, and then must transfer. You can order these in advance which is what I did to help plan our days in advance. So we didn't wait in line somewhere that was not appropriate. There is also a card you can get at Guest Services at any park good for the person with a disability and the people with them. It allows you to get in the proper area for the ride. In some cases they send you through another line, bypassing a long wait in the heat. But you still need to wait for an adaptable ride. There are reserved areas for disabled guests to watch parades and fireworks. Take advantage of them. Crowds for us have been less. People don't stand in front of you blocking your child's view and if so, the cast member helps. After a father, stood right in front of my son, blocking his view of the parade, we started going to the reserved areas. WDW is amazing with disabled children. My son has a very restricted diet. Each time we are we talked to our waiter and they sent the chef out who cooked something special, or chopped up food from the line so my son could eat. I could go on and on. I'm new to the forum, so I don't know about PM but feel free to ask any questions. And I will be Happy to answer.

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