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    My boyfriend and I are going to WDW in May. We are both 20 years old, so it's going to be a very different experience than its been previously. We have always just gone with our families at younger ages. But we are going to WDW twice and Hollywood Studios once. We want the whole complete experience. So I thought I'd ask here since its probably the best place for it. So... What are some tips we will need to know before going to the parks? Everything from fast passes, to dining, to the best places to take pictures.

    Also, are any of you adults without kids who enjoy going to Disney? What are some of your favorite things to do? Or some fun stories?
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    Me and my bf went last year, were both in our early 20's and had a great time! Check out the Disney boardwalk if you have time, it's a fun spot for adults. Don't be afraid to go to character breakfasts without kids if ur into that kinda thing, we had a blast!

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    If you are staying at a Disney resort then go to the parks early! I would suggest using the my Disney experience app while you are there....for real time wait time updates. You will want to use your fast passes for space mountain, tower of terror, rock n roller, and big thunder mountain. Possibly splash mountain too. But the fast passes aren't instant. You can go to the Disney world website and check out the park calendars for parade and firework times. Ask about extra magic hours...the earlier you go the less waiting your have for rides. Take your own water and food into the parks if you're trying to save money. I've heard great things about Tony's Town Square, Sci-Fi Dine-in theater, and Mama Melroses. If you visit DTD then you can get subs for cheap at Earl of Sandwich. The restaurants are hard to get into, so I'd call tomorrow to try and get a reservation.

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    Re: Tips

    When my fiance and I went, we enjoyed exploring the hotel resorts around the Magic Kingdom on the monorail. I especially liked eating at the California Grill and Ohana. We stayed at the Polynesian and ate at Kona Cafe for breakfast a few times. Mizner's lounge in the Grand Floridian is a great place to have a drink and chill after leaving Magic Kingdom as well.
    We loved Downtown Disney and all of the shops too. Raglan Road is fun with the Irish clogging and atmosphere. This next trip I'm going with my sisters and we are on a budget so probably not going to be eating at these places haha We enjoy the parks more than food when we're together anyway. I think we'll get fastpasses to Peter Pan, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and the New Fantasyland Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure in Magic Kingdom. We'll probably get fastpasses to Expedition Everest and Kali River Rapids in Animal Kingdom. I can't remember if Kilimanjaro Safaris is a fastpass attraction too? In Hollywood Studios, we'll get fastpasses to Rock N Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror, and in Epcot Soarin and Test Track. Those are the rides that usual back up fast everytime I go.
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    Last May me who was 18 at the time and my boyfriend who was 21 took our first trip together to Walt Disney world instead of with our families. The experience was way different than being with my family lol but it was nice because we where a couple enjoying ourselves not having to worry about what time we where sleeping, waking up, eating, what parks we where doing etc it was at our own pace. Now we are going this Aug me 19 & him 22 for our five year anniversary & i can't control my excitement ! I even booked a character meal at the crystal palace on our anniversary. It's nice to take a trip before you have children because it's a completely different experience

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    I think you can do WDW in a whole new style without kids.

    You don't need to worry about character meets (unless of course you want to) or kiddie rides (we don't do kiddie rides - no - errr - ahem. Moving on...) and can just enjoy chilling out more.

    We love taking long breaks with a cold drink and just people watching, soaking in the atmosphere. It's amazing what you can miss by running around trying to fit everything in.

    I'm guessing at 19 you're not going to be drinking your way around the world or chilling with a beer in a great bar but I'd recommend just slowing down a bit, grab a coke or an ice cream (or preferably both!) and enjoy a more relaxed (and dare I say it, grown up) WDW.
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    Re: Tips

    i do if you want dining then in Disney you got everything if you go down town Disney you have a restaurant called wolfgang puck its very expensive but if you are a disney guest you can use meal deal were no matter one price you use meal deal its free. and for pictures at various places around the park you can see kodak picture spots or cast members with cameras who give you a card take a picture of you then you go on a website put in the code on the card then get your picture. and for the fastpasses now i must say you must get one for one ride in hollywood studios its called toy story midway mania it is always busy but with fastpasses you can get one for one ride then go on a different one while you wait.

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