car service recommendation
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    car service recommendation

    I'm looking for a car service recommendation from the Amtrak station to Disney. First time to www with 3 toddlers. Thanks.

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    The last time I took the train, we took a taxi. There are plenty of taxis as soon as you get off the train. If I remember correctly, it was around $40 for three of us. I hope this helps. Also, if you take a taxi, it is usually a van and they take a group of people so you might have to go to a couple of different hotels before getting to your destination.

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    We have used happy limo from Disney resort to Disney cruise and then cruise to air port. Very friendly, on time, and received free upgrades both ways. You may find a discount code on

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    Thank you!

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    We also use Happy Limo and like them. We also use the coupon code that we copied on Mousesavers. Hope this helps!

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    Always used Sunray Transportation... Picked us up at the Kissimmee train depot. 30 minute grocery stop.... 100.00 round trip... Discount if you mention mouseforless .... Check their web site, .... They alway monitored the trains arrival , and we're there waiting no matter how late we were running....very professional and caring !

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    Re: car service recommendation

    We use Quicksilver from the airport to WDW. Very reliable and friendly. I'm not sure if they go from the train station, but I would say they do.

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    Thank you!

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    Re: car service recommendation

    We have used Sunray in the past as well. Loved them. Arrived a bit early and did not bother us while we were finishing to get ready to go. Very pleasant ride. Excellent rates with mouseforless discount. Would use them again. Very nice people and clean, well maintained vehicle.
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