Announcing the "Competitions" forum!
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    Announcing the "Competitions" forum!

    I'm excited to announce the launch of Talk Disney's new "Competitions" forum.

    Watch this space for new competitions.

    Some will be "blink and you'll miss them" quick comps where you'll have to be on your toes not to miss your opportunity to enter. Others will be run for longer to give everyone chance to join in.

    Credits will be awarded to the winners to help you buy more pins for your lanyards. The amount of the prizes will vary depending on the competition. In all cases, the decision of the TD staff will be final.

    If one competition isn't for you, keep your eyes open as the next one won't be far away.

    Our first competition will be announced soon!
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    Re: Announcing the "Competitions" forum!

    Neat idea! Looking forward to playing along!
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