To keep or sell my pins?!
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    To keep or sell my pins?!

    Hey everyone!

    I'd like a little input from people on whether its worth keeping my pins..
    I have around 300 and around 30+ are LE but here's the problem! I've been collecting 10+ years since I was a kid but on my last trip I didn't have the same buzz for collecting and trading I used to. I know if I put them on eBay I could probably make a good chunk of what my upcoming Disney world trip will cost so in the run up to that my pocket will hurt less, but the dilemma is emotional attachment to my pins, some aren't even that rare yet mean something to me or have a great memory, but they're just sat under the bed all the time
    So what would you guys to as I'm struggling to decide lol!
    Thanks and loves to all!
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    Can you afford your trip without selling your pin collection?

    If so, I'd keep the pins. You can always sell them in the future once you're sure.
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    I say keep them too if you can afford it. I too have been collecting since I was a kid and it would break my heart to sell certain ones that I have an emotional attachment to. If you do need to sell them then made sort through your collection and keep only the ones with sentimental value. The ones you aren't attached to sell.

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    I can afford without, just would be a big amount covered lol!
    There's definitely a few I could never part with, but the majority I'm just not sure of!
    I'd like to keep them if I could display them somehow, without taking up a huge amount of space, they're in pin bags out of sight at the minute, how do you guys display or store yours?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LadyMarie View Post do you guys display or store yours?
    You need this thread!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winkster View Post
    Wow thanks!
    I like the cork board / scrapbook idea!
    Will let you know when I decide but have a feeling I know what it shall be now
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    I think you should keep your pins. If there are any that you're not too attached to, sell them. But in the future you might regret selling the sentimental pins.

    Lots of good ideas on displaying pins in that old thread. I just recently bought a 12x12 shadow box and a 12x12 piece of cork. I wrapped the cork tightly in black cotton cloth (stapled to the back of the cork) to make a smooth black fabric surface. Then I just stuck the pins in (without the backs).

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    Re: To keep or sell my pins?!

    If you are gonna let some go, start with any duplicates.

    If you have no duplicates, I agree...don't let any of them go...they make great conversation pieces and the money you get from them won't cover the memories when you look at them, not this year, not next year, but 25 years from now, and remember when you got them.

    My opine at least.
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    If it was me and I felt that I had to let some go I would save my most valuable and the rare ones that I love and even common ones. Then let the ones I would trade go. You honestly aren't attached if you are willing to trade. Example: I have an opening exposition Everest pin that I will never trade or get rid of. It's kept in a safe. The ones in my shadow box a lot I would trade or get rid of just because I don't have an attachment or memory of why they are great like the Everest pin.
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