Just got back and did a lot of character dining. PCH Grill (surfs up) has the best characters IMO (fab five) pricing around $30 for breakfast, food is pretty good. Story Tellers has more obscure characters (Brer bear, brother bear) food is a bit better, pricing about the same. We did goofy's kitchen for breakfast and supper, again food is pretty good and a good mix of characters including Pluto, goofy, Minnie, Cinderella. Dinner high thirties and breakfast high twenties. Ariel's Grotto is awesome for princesses as always, Ariel, Cinderella, jasmine, Snow White, aurora. We've had mulan in the past too. Food is mid 30's but unfortunately we think the food used to be much better a couple years back. Fish and lobster salad is good and tri tip is great but the rest is fair. We skipped plaza inn but have done it in the past and is pretty good, typically would see Winnie and friends and Minnie there. Breakfast around 30. Overall I'd say the food is relatively good but part of the price is really the experience.