Just returned from a few days at Disneyland Paris and although my family and I had a great time, these two parks are letting down the Disney name and magic badly. The one thing that ruined the parks for us was the shocking disregard towards smoking. I must state first that two family members, myself included, are smokers. My mum and I went out of our way hunting for designated smoking areas and when we found them they were populated only by English people all saying the same thing...the smoking situation is completely disgusting. I queued up with my 2 year old nephew on rides in Fantasyland where people were lighting up in the queues!! Everywhere we looked there were cigarette butts and the bad thing is we counted numerous Disney staff in both parks and not one of them even stopped anybody. The attitude is simply one one of "we don't care" and it is not the Disney I know and love. Something needs to be done to sort this out.