Father's Day
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    Father's Day

    Well, a thread hasn't been started on it, so I will. The most confused and distant Father of all...


    And, as we hug our fathers, remember those who can't be with their spawn today! Those kids (which I am one) remember...

    One of our TD members here was there for this reunion, and as a military brat, I can tell you first hand, even years later, nothing beats seeing your father again. Nothing.

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    Happy Father's Day to the Disney Dads

    Happy Father's day to all the Disney dads!!

    My DH does not have a favorite Disney memory, but he will in 133 days.

    As a Disney dad, what is your favorite memory at a park or moments before a trip???
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    Happy Father's Day to all our disney daddy's!
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    My dad passed away a few years ago, but he absolutely LOVED WDW. We have so many fond memories of our trips there. He got such a kick out of the hitch hiking ghosts in the HM that last time I was there, I was almost expecting to see him there in my doom buggy with me.
    Happy Father's Day to him and all the Disney-lovin' daddies!

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