Shades of Green new "End of Summer" promotion for August&September 2014
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    Shades of Green is the military lodging on Disney property. To stay here there are certain requirements and it's not open to the general public (you can look up their terms on their website).

    They just kicked off a new End of summer promotion, with 40 % off room prices if you stay late August-September 2014. You need no code, it will automatically apply if you book within the dates.
    I just booked us a room for Categorie 2, and it ends up being 74.00 $ per night.

    Staying at Shades of Green you can use Disney transportation and they also have own transportation. You also can take advantage of the Extra hours.

    You can cancel your reservation up to 30 days before your stay. After that they keep your deposit (one night charge).I reserved it now and if we decide not to stay there we can still make up our minds, but the price is locked in.
    The only thing that I don't like is that they have no microwaves (and you can't bring your own as they say it's a fire hazard. But I work at military lodging and we have microwaves in every room, so I think it's more about making money.)

    Thought I'd share!
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    Re: Shades of Green new "End of Summer" promotion for August&September 2014

    I was sad when they changed the Disney Inn to Shades of Green but it's nice that the military and families can have dedicated lodging and some good rates too! I just wish the Disney Inn was still in existance. I loved it!
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