Lord of the Rings at Disney?
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    Lord of the Rings at Disney?

    Just reading that it looks like Disney have won the race to purchase Lord of the Rings and will incorporate Middle Earth into their parks. Universal looks set to lose out!

    Personally I think LOTR would be a better fit in Universal but who knows! Indy, Avatar, Marvel, Star Wars are all under the Disney banner so why not LOTR?

    What does everyone think?

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    I've got no interest whatsoever in LOTR. Never seen any of the films and never intend to.

    As for fitting in WDW, it seems a very unlikely match and a poor fit.

    Disney seems to be "branching out" a little too much for my taste. I hope they don't forget what made people fall in love with Disney originally.

    Still, they've made all these acquisitions and still done nothing with them so who knows - maybe nothing will happen!
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    I would actually like to see it done and if anyone can do it the best Disney can.

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