Aulani resort in hawaii
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    Aulani resort in hawaii

    OKay not sure if this is where to post this. But as I have searched for aulani posts and none come up I will post here knowing Winkster will get me in the right place LOL ( thanks btw for that)
    My DH and I will celebrate our 25 th anniversary next July and plan to go back to Hawaii as that is where we spent our honeymoon( decided on this on our honeymoon) after our recent trip to Disney World and talking about Disneys resort in Hawaii we though it would be cool to stay there.
    Has anyone been there and what tips do you have. Plus I'd like to see some comments on what you all thought of the place, the food, activities etc. thanks in advance.

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    My parents stayed there and enjoyed. Before they went we you tubed the resort and watched some videos. They did say food was good. My dad also felt resort was good for all ages. They went with another couple. They also could walk across the street and that is where they bought souvenirs. They went to the dole plant and bought chocolate covered pineapples. When they went to the shop across from resort the same chocolates were significantly cheaper. Enjoy!

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    Re: Aulani resort in hawaii

    I am from Hawaii and have been to the Aulani once. I did not stay as a hotel guest but, I did go for the breakfast buffet. It was delicious. The character dining was fun as well. I got a chance to walk around the hotel and I enjoyed all that I saw. There is a water park just for little ones. Literally, if you are taller than the specified height you are not allowed in the area except to follow the tiny ones who may need assistance. There is a slide in the classic Disney mountain. There are about 3 other pools to relax by as well. The hotel also walks right out to Koolina lagoon which is just spectacular. If you are going with kids there is a day care to leave the kids while you enjoy some quiet time. Although I did not stay at the hotel, I liked what I saw and plan to take staycation there one day.

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    Re: Aulani resort in hawaii

    Not sure if you saw this already but DisneyGirl907 wrote a trip report about her stay at Aulani. I've never been myself but would love looks and sounds amazing!

    Oops just noticed the original post was from October!
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