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    Disney Trivia

    Alright guys, lets see how much of a Disney fan you really are I'm going to throw a question, Disney related of course (movie, parks, anything Disney) and see if anyone can give the right answer. If you have a tough Disney trivia question, share it, and see who the Disney buffs are.

    Ok first question is easy.....

    In "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", after discovering that the house has been cleaned, Bashful finds a certain type of flower that makes Sneezy sneeze. What type of flowers were they?

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    Cmon guys, thought someone wouldve got it by now

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    Re: Disney Trivia

    Ahhhh, I don't remember! Daisies??
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessprincess View Post
    Ahhhh, I don't remember! Daisies??
    Nope, not daisies. Bashful says the name of the flowers after he smells them. I'll give ya another shot, unless someone else gets the right answer first

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    Wimps. The answer is Daffodils ( but later when Bashful shoves them in Sneezy's face, they have turned into goldenrod.)

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    Goldenrods, correct! Thanks for the reminder. Here is another one...

    In Beauty and the Beast, at what age does Beast have to find love, before the spell can be broken?

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    Ooh tricky

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    Um.. Is it his 21first year?

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    Right again

    What is the name of The stepmothers cat in Cinderella??

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    Easy. Lucifer

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    What is...my favorite color? Lol jk

    In the little mermaid, what does Scuddle the seagull call a fork??

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    A dinglehopper

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    On a roll..

    In the Aristocats, what is the butlers name? (The bad guy)

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    Re: Disney Trivia

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney Kidd View Post
    On a roll..

    In the Aristocats, what is the butlers name? (The bad guy)

    How many sisters does Arial have?
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    Oooooooo good one, I admit that I had to use a lifeline for this one, my sister lol Arial has six sisters

    What are the names of Quasimodo's three gargoyle friends?

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