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    Where's the best place to get disney souvenirs in DTD ? I know the World of Disney store has everything but just wondering if I should save some money for souvenir shopping in the parks! (Most of my purchases would be clothing as well) any suggestions on cute souvenirs to bring back my boyfriend, who well, isn't exactly as disney obsessed as me? Thanks!

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    The countries in Epcot World Showcase are a great place to get gifts for non-Disney people. And also for Disney people. That's where we always find presents for our family members who aren't Disney fans. It's my favorite place to shop at WDW.

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    In DTD theres a store behind the Pin Trading Station called "Poohs Corner" they have a wall of cute souvenirs for 5 for $20. Everythings $4!! They usually have cute stuff too. Christmas Ornaments, cell phone covers, ear hats, and other fun stuff. Stuff that usually full priced is between $15-$20. I always buy stuff when im there.

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    I know that the post is old, but for those who has the same question here is a tip:
    If you are trying to save some $$$ go to local stores like WalMart, Target, JC Penney...they have tons of Disney souvenirs and clothes for cheap! Whatever you buy in Disney stores will be so much more $$$.
    I purchased couple of outfits for my daughter inside the Disney park for $67 and found almost the same clothes in BabiesRUs for half that price (a free summer hat was included)!!!

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