I don't mind all of the changes but some I do. I planned my entire vacation like I always do. We just got back 3 weeks ago from WDW. This is the first time I planned for 5 and it was a bit of a hassle. I have always stayed on property but even the new AOA hotel was expensive, almost $500 a night, way out of my budget. There are very few places other than the luxury hotels that support 5 people especially when 4 are at least 18+. I ended up staying at the Caribe Royal off prop and got a 1250 Sq ft room which was just beautiful for less than $200 a night best decision I have ever made. Disney is becoming a place of dollar signs. The average family cannot afford a Disney vacation very often. I am a disabled vet on a fixed income so money is at a premium. I am also a Disney Stockholder and while profits are good for me I get no perks as a stockholder at all. So the prices going up I hate, the new fast pass was ok and the new bracelets well they were pretty cool no more pulling my card in and out of my billfold just a swipe of the wrist. The park charges to the bracelets are cool as well. Improvements and progress are always going to be high at Disney but some things just don't need to be changed. The planning ahead was ok with me also. I enjoyed the fast pass planning. One some of the FP rides I went straight to the front I only waited about 10 min once other than that they worked great. I think the website could use some work, it was intermittent and there was also some confusion with my Memory Maker but thats another story. All in all it was ok but I could have done other things and wouldnt have paid half of what I did here. It will be awhile before I go again it just costs too much. I dont believe Disney is all about family as much as they used to be it is more about profit now. Soon if prices keep going up the average low income family will not be able to afford it. Too many changes and price increases at least for me no matter how much I love Disney.