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    Future at Disney

    I really want to be a dancer at Disney one day. I'm still in high school but I kinda need to start figuring out how realistic it is that I can work for Disney. Would doing the college program increase my chances? In college, do I need to major/minor in dance for them to hire me or do they hire solely on technique? I've done several shows with my dance company at Disney Wold, and done various Disney affiliated parades and shows shown on national tv. Do they like seeing a big Disney resume or a more well-rounded dancer who has done lots of other stuff, not just Disney? Thanks for the help!

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    Re: Future at Disney

    You would be hired based on technique (as you have to audition first to get into entertainment).
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    You also would not need to major or minor in dance. Many people are hired that never even went to college. http://www.esigara-elektroniksigara.net

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