Elf on your shelf
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    Elf on your shelf

    I was thinking about the holidays, and I realized that Santa gets most of the attention. So, why not celebrate elves! They make the presents. So from now to Christmas we will send in our stories about our funny little elves. You don't have to send a story. You can just write a comment. (Stories don't have to be sent in by Christmas).

    To kick off the holiday cheer I will send my stories.

    Once I woke up to find my elf sitting on the coffee pot with a doughnut in his hand. And when I got back from school, he was sitting on the couch, his hand on the remote watching Roudolf the red nosed reindeer. LOL !!!!

    So send in your stories today!;D

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    BTW I forgot to mention they are not real elves, just elves on the shelves.

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