Much Neded Advice
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    Much Neded Advice

    Earlier today, I sent a post out that might help a father bond with his daughter. I realized how good i am at helping people with their problems and giving them advice. So I realized I should help other people. So, if you and a friend had a fight, or you need advice about how to deal with annoying kids, just come to me. I promise to reply as soon as I can. And in return, I only ask for this. If someone asked me a question and I don't imedeatly reply, please don't answer it for me. I know it sounds like that's doing me a favor, but its not. So please just let me do the answering. Thanks.

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    Although I have no doubt you're great at giving advice, Talk Disney is not a advisory service for those with problems of a personal nature.

    Where members do encounter difficulties in their personal lives, we would always recommend that they seek advice from appropriately qualified professionals. This avoids the hazards of well-intentioned but ultimately unsuitable advice.

    Talk Disney, meanwhile, is a site for us to chat about all things Disney related - a place to share experiences, seek advice on all things Disney and all enjoy helping each other where we can.

    We all have our own Disney related expertise in different areas and we all enjoy using our experience and expertise to help others as and when called upon.

    This thread is therefore being closed however we appreciate your kind offer.
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