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    Home resort

    My home resort is at Disney World but I plan to visit Disneyland this year. Can someone give me pointers before I get there?

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    Re: Home resort

    It is smaller, but still a lot of fun. You do not have to walk very far to get from ride to ride. Stay at one of he 3 resorts and you can walk to the parks. Get there early and you will be able to get a lot done without a lot of people.

    I went in 2003 and an going again in 2015 just to mix it up.

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    Re: Home resort

    If you are a resort guest, you will also be allowed to enter the monorail line early for EM hours. The monorail has a station inside of Disneyland, and they will check your ticket / KTTW at the monorail station before boarding.

    I walked all three hotels on my stay, and I would recommend either Grand Californian (it has it's own monorail stop too!) or the Disneyland Hotel. Paradise Pier was ok, but it really felt (to me) like a renovated Sheraton, not a unique experience.

    Don't do the dining plan at Disneyland, it's not worth it.

    They have "preferred seating" for World of Color just like they do for Fantasmic at WDW. You must eat at a select restaurant (Carthay Circle and Wine Country Trattoria, if I remember correctly) and you must order at least an app and entree, or an entree and dessert to qualify. Otherwise, there is no cost.

    There is a dessert party option for Fantasmic at Disneyland. It is the only place you'll find actual seating for the show. I've heard mixed reviews about it being worth the cost...but everyone says the treats are delicious!

    While I would say that Park Hoppers are nice at WDW, but not needed, I think the opposite for Disneyland California. Being able to pop over to DCA, snag a fast pass for Radiator Springs, and then go explore Disneyland itself while you wait for your return window is a must. Spend the extra cash to get park hoppers here.

    If you've never been, the first thing you are going to notice is the difference in size. I remember walking through the Main Street Station and thinking..."that's it?" But, don't let that fool you. The details and magic are there in a way that is no longer at WDW. They have several different Main Street vehicles running (not just the horse drawn trolley), the costume characters do have specific meet and greet spots, but they also wander through the crowds and interact (they used to do this at WDW), and there's a lot more random live entertainment (like bands and street performances).

    Don't ignore all the other things there are to do when you are out in that area. It's LA! If you can, make time for touristy stuff, like hollywood tours and maybe peeling off some time for Knotts Berry or Universal.

    They do not run fireworks / world of color / fantasmic every day (like they do at WDW), so if you want to catch these shows, be sure to pay close attention to their show days. You can find them on the Disneyland website 30 days out, or if you want you can look at previous years calendars on third party sites. They tend to stick to the schedule of previous years. Weekends they tend to run all the shows, but it's sporadic on weekdays.

    That's all I can think of at the moment, but I hope it helps.

    Have a great trip!
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    Thanks so much for the information.

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