Public transport at DW
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    Public transport at DW

    Our home resort in DVC is the Grand California at Disneyland. We have gone 3 times to DW. One of my pet peeves about DW is that if you are staying at a hotel or DVC, you need to take a cab or rental car to visit any other areas in Orlando. It's like we are trapped on the DW grounds unless you have a rental car. Twice we did not rent a car and found cabs too expensive. We rented a car last time and it really added to the trip. You get free parking at all parks if you are staying at a DVC resort (perhaps a hotel too) and we could get out of the DW area and see other things. I recommend renting a car for sure.

    It would be great if Disney as more open to public transit coming into the park area so that people can explore the Orlando area more.

    Mind you, Disneyland is in the middle of the urban area and does have public transit. It doesn't run as frequently as our city transit so even though it is there, it is not convenient due to the slow schedules.

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    Busses stop at the Transportation and Ticket Center in WDW.

    I personally prefer this as it means you don't get busses all over the parks.

    Disney have gone to great lengths to preserve the magic in WDW and keep the real world out. To me, it therefore makes sense to only allow busses to stop at one, easily accessible point.

    Having said that, we always rent a car and go off-property a lot so I haven't actually experienced the practicalities of getting busses from WDW to other areas of Orlando.
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