Surprise Family Cruise
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    Surprise Family Cruise

    So, about a month ago my mother sent out a text to our entire family telling us that she has planned a surprise family trip for us next year, 8 adults and 6 kids. We thought it would be something simple like a beach trip, since that original text we have gotten clues, one was that we needed passports!! My mother is not a huge Disney fan and a Disney cruise for that many people would be crazy expensive so I assumed it would be a Carnival cruise, well....last week we all got our DISNEY Cruise planners in the mail!!!! Words can't describe how excited I am, everyone in my family pokes fun at my families Disney obsession and now they will all get a chance to experience the Disney magic and will probably come back converted!! This will be everyone's first cruise except for my husband.

    It's also kind of neato because just a few weeks earlier my boys decided that our 2015 vacation should be a Disney Cruise!! Crazy how that worked out!!

    If anyone has any pointers or advice please share!!

    So here's to 293 until we are in "The World" and 389 days until we are cruising on The Dream!!

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    That really is awesome news! Hope the folks here supply you with lots of tips and hope you all have a magical sail!
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    Re: Surprise Family Cruise

    That's awesome! I would love a surprise like that. I've been on the Dream before (and if all goes well, will be sailing again in Sept). Let me know if you have any questions
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