Disney with small children
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    Disney with small children

    Ive been to Disney many times but this is the first with 2 small children. I never had to plan dinner reservations and ride times, just did whatever I felt like at the moment. Suggestions welcome!

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    I have taken one little one (this year we will be going with 2). My suggestion is do your best to get rest for the kids (we subscribe to the mid afternoon break back at resort theory). As for meals - we try not to go too heavy with reservations although make sure you get a character meal or two in! Just stay relaxed and don't over do it.

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    Last time we went my wife and I asked someone who had young children what the best method was because we figured our next trip would involve a little one, and they said the best thing to do is have structure. And definitely take a lot of breaks thought the day. Whether it be at a show, the resort, or an air conditioned facility. Don't get worked up if you're not doing everything relax and soak in the fact that you're in WALT DISNEY WORLD!
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    Re: Disney with small children

    im with Kris... hit it hard in the morning, pool... nap relax in the afternoon maybe try back laterz! as for the food and memories thats for you, your kids wont remember any of the trips until there older like 7 or 8

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    Re: Disney with small children

    My advice would be to bring your patience and try to see a few things that might mean the most to them. I have gone with my little girls the past two years and have already booked another trip for December 2014. In 2012 was rough cause I had one in diapers and one in pull-ups that was afraid of the loud potties,lol. My Isabelle was only 22months the first time she went and couldn"t get enough of the castle and Dumbo. At times it was a little rough but we made it through. I always made dinner reservations, which was our biggest meal of the day and was back in the room by 7pm. it was nice to take breaks for the parades to get a rest in also.

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    Re: Disney with small children

    We took my Niece Ava when she was 13 months and the two things that saved us were letting her walk as much as possible and using the Baby Care Centers. We would stop into one of the centers and let her cool down and kid of reset and then she was ready to go again. She also didn't want to be in her stroller very much so we had a Minnie backpack with a strap for mom so she got to walk almost everywhere. When she got tired she would climb back into her stroller and often times would nap in the stroller. We are taking her along with the Grandparents in December and cannot wait. It is a whole different experience with kids, but I love having her there and seeing everything through her eyes!
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    Been to WDW for years, as well. Last trip I was 37 weeks pregnant in Oct 13.
    This coming trip I will be taking my son, in March 15. He will be 17 months. Appreciate reading the thoughts on this thread.
    I've never been in a baby care center at WDW. Are they normally crowded like the bathrooms?
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