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    Suprise trip

    Hi everyone . I'm new here so saying hi first off
    I'm Natalie I have two boys one age 7 and the other 13 months .we are from the UK . We had a holiday booked for august but sadly had to cancel it due to being given notice in our home and having to move
    This is the 2nd one I have had to cancel and lost a lot of money in the process , 1st one was cancelled down to everyone dropping out on me so I've decided to take me boys alone . My son is old enough to wait in queue with me and my lo and then ride alone so he won't miss out on the rides which is great

    I'm planning it for either December 1st 2014 or jan 1st 2015 for 2 weeks not to sure on dates just yet , obviously due to previous cancellations and upset I'm keeping it a secret and not pre booking just going to save and then go pay in full so I don't have the worry and money loss if anything else un expected happens . No one will know minus myself ( and you lovely Disney fans )

    Looking for tips of how to do this cheaply and effectively and so I don't let down again
    Also tips for what the boys will like . I've been 5 times before twice with my eldest

    Thanks in advance .. Happy Tuesday xx

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    Hi I am from the uk too and have booked our frag disney trip for August 2015 we booked through Thomas cook who were amazing and managed to get nearly £500 worth of discount off our holiday we had to pay a £680 deposit and then pay the rest of.

    We are staying at the disney art of animation have got the dining plan and all the tickets included for disney sea world and universal transfers too and from airport.

    They also managed to get us the kids eat free cards for nothing as well

    Hope this helps x

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    You could just book the resort direct with Disney. That way you have flexibility if you need to move it.

    I guess flights will be tricky though.
    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
    Just a dream away!


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    That's off the tips
    Flight should be fine I took them away by myself in October when the LO was 8 months and they are really good on the flight I just hope that happens again haha was stressful the luggage after but so many people offered to help me which was handy and by the time we go the youngest will be walking , he wasn't last time and I had to carry him, the hand luggage and my eldests handluggage

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    Lol- I meant tricky changing flight times once they're booked but I see your point!
    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
    Just a dream away!


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    Lol opps sorry yeah flights would be expensive to change

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    Re: Suprise trip

    Welcome... and i hate having to cancel as well... Good luck!

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    One day in Disney is better than none !!!
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    Thank you

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