Question about DCP
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    Question about DCP

    Hi everyone! I am currently a junior in high school, and we have a program called College in high school. This program allows you to take college courses in high school. I would be taking French (6 credit hours) and AP Chemistry 1&2. (16 credit hours I believe). The credit hours would be for a local university & I know they offer the DCP. Now, according to the DCP you have to have one semester at a credited college. By the time I graduate, I would technically have 2 semesters at this university. Would I be able to do DCP the semester after I graduate high school? I would be 18, and technically meet all the requirements. Help from anyone! I figured I check it out here before I called.

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    Re: Question about DCP

    No. You have to complete an actual college semester before you can do the CP
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