Traveling with a Family that has NEVER been to Disney!!
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    Traveling with a Family that has NEVER been to Disney!!

    My husband and I are planning to take a trip to Walt Disney World this summer with family that have never been to Disney before (including 2 children--ages 6 & 9). My husband and I are seasoned veterans, however, and after visiting as many times as we have, I am now a notorious planner. My husband is scared that I might inadvertantly take the fun out of their first Disney experience just because I know all the "secrets" and like to have a plan. I love the Disney magic and would never want to do anything to ruin that first time for anyone. Other than the obvious advice of "just don't overplan", does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thanks!

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    I would ask the family what their expectations for the trip are. Are they early morning people or night owls? Do they want to be in the park from rope drop to midnight? Do they like to sit down for meals or grab something on the go? Do they want to spend down time at the hotel pool?
    I learned on my last trip to Disney that my ideal vacation isn't the same as someone else's. Ask what's important to them and try to include that. Have a couple fun Disney secrets to suggest if you has some free time in the schedule. And remember you can't see everything on the first trip. Hopefully they will fall in love with Disney and want to plan another trip! Have a great time!
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    Our first trip we went with a friend and their whole family. They had been many many many etc times. His mother helped us with making reservations etc as this was before the lovely time of being able to do everything on the computer. However, we did our own thing once we were there other than a couple character meals that we all did together. Not sure if you are all planning on spending every minute together or not. I'd recommend gifting them with Birnbaums guide to disney world and allow them to get familiar with things at disney than ask if they want to sit down and make some plans together or if there are specific things places rides and attractions they want to check out. My guess is they are probably already doing some exploring on their own as far you tube videos etc.
    Most of all enjoy YOUR vacation and don't worry whether they are enjoying it or not let them choose whether they will enjoy it.

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