Pictures in parks
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    Pictures in parks

    I can anyone help I'm going florida in October and am doing all parks, I know disney do photo plus to collect all my pictures do any of the over parks do something similar? Many thanks

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    All the Disney parks have the photo thing, sea world has select spots to take pictures & universal has some people wondering around. At least, that's how it was when we went for my brothers make a wish a couple years ago

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    Re: Pictures in parks

    I know they do at Universal. It is called the Star Card Package and gives you digital copies of all your photos. I believe it costs around $50 for a 3 day package.
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    Disney parks have a photo pass to get a discount you must by it on the website in advance and ask at every photo pass photographer if they have tje magic pictures these r very cute
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    Thanks guys I got 14 days universal so not sure if that package be any good?

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