Honeymoon during food & wine Festival
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    Honeymoon during food & wine Festival

    We decided rather then spend the money to marry in disney we will honeymoon during the food and wine festival.. When does this start and is there special dining options during that time we have never been at this time of year and also when is the least crowded time to go?
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    Re: Honeymoon during food & wine Festival

    Nice idea! It usually starts in late September and ends in early November. Crowds should be low in early October.

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    Hi we where there 2 years ago for that time of year the 3 rd week of october crowds were pertty much 0 i would say man attractions i think we waited 30 min tops for special dinning im not 100% sure but i know there are sone stuff you can pay extra to go to with wine tastings etc we also did the mickeys not so scary halloween party was awesome firework show was great and had no wait times at all at any attractions if you want costume ideas we went as Dr's so in scrubs was cool and after splash mountain we dried in like 5 min hope you have a great honeymoon we will be doing the same this year but the last week of oct since after we are going on a cruise in the first week of nov! Enjoy

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    Re: Honeymoon during food & wine Festival

    I spent my Honeymoon at Disney this past October during the food and wine fest, it was awesome, great time to go.

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