Some of the TD staff have recently been receiving messages from members regarding confusing and, at worst, occasionally indecipherable posts being made on the site.

When posting to the site, please remember to use punctuation and plain English to get your message across. Please also check your comments before posting. We have a preview function too if that helps.

Finally, if you have posted to a thread and realize you've made an error, please use the Edit function to amend your post.

Following these simple guidelines means threads will be far more understandable for others and, as a result, you're far more likely to get a response to any questions you post.

For the avoidance of doubt, our site rules ( state that...

We ask that you check your spelling. You are more likely to get a response to a post that shows that you cared enough about it to check and see if it was well formed. Any posts that are judged to be undecipherable by the staff of are subject to deletion.

We are viewed by how we type and clear and concise communication on a board site is important.

Thanks for your understanding.