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    Bibbidi bobbidi boutique

    Hi everyone

    I just wondered if anyone had booked their little princess in to the bibbidi bobbidi boutique either at down town disney or in magic kingdom?

    Just wondered whether it was worth the moment and also what packages you done?

    My little girl is going to be 5 when we got and is princess crazy so think she will love it but just wanted to hear other peoples feedback who have done it and also if anyone know how far in advance you can book It xx

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    My friend did that for her child. Her little girl loved it and she walked around the park like she owned it for the rest of the day. My friend said it was pricey but totally worth it. I am not sure if she made a appointment or just waited in line.

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    We are booking BBB for our next trip. Our daughter will be 5. We have never done but last time we stopped in to check it out and it looks adorable. I have to review the packages still. Will love to hear what others have done as well. You can book 180 days out so I would book ahead. We want to try to pair it with a meal at the castle. Make it a total princess kind of day.

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    Yer it looks amazing I am wanting to do it in the disney castle rather than downtown as think it will just add to the magic.
    As soon as 180day mark hits I will be booking it got a way to go yet but think she will love it.
    I think I'm gonna go for the deluxe package just got the hard choice of her picking which princess she wants to be as changes everytime I speak to her lol xx

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    My daughter had this done last time we went and even though she was 11 at the time she loved it, she only had her hair and make up done but she felt so special we had it done in the castle too it was wonderful it was expensive even for that package but it was worth it!

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    Ol brilliant thank you defo going to do it for my little girl thank you xx

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    Has anyone ever took a child to the pirate league in MK that was scared to have his face painted? Im taking my 4 yr old cousin & 6yr old god daughter mid July. They both want to be pirates (im even getting a makeover too) but now hes saying hes scared of any make-up. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm the same with my boy this is what I'm booking him to do. The travel agent who I booked with said she done this with her son and last minute he freaked out about the having his whole face painted and she said the people doing it where really good they talked to him and managed to get him to just have a small face paint done rather than his whole face.

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    Great thx! I know the guy I made reservations with was really fantastic! He said they would make sure he had a great time even if he didnt do the makeup. He even made a note that he LOVES Jake & the Never Land Pirates. (Ive been telling him the cms work for Jake, Izzy, Cubby & Scully) hes all for that. So well see. He had it painted 2yrs ago at MK & last yr at Dollywood in Tenn so hopefully he will again.

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    Aww fingers crossed am sure he will love it x

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    Has anyone done either of these recently on their trip?

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    Yes we did the PL in June & a friends daughter did the BBB in July. All 4 of us did the PL & LUVED it!!!! Would highly highly recommend. The ppl r AMAZING at their jobs. I posted the details under trip advisor, but all I know about BBB was that she loved her makeover & jus like us spent the whole day like she owned the park. We did the first mate mpress package

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    Amazing thank you so much am looking forward to doing it now just always nice to hear from people who have actually done it xx my daughter keeps changing her kind with what princess she wants to be tho lol and my son can't wait to be a pirate

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    Has anyone done this recently wanting some advice on what the best package is? X

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    I normally got the cheapest package, which included hair, nails, and makeup. You get to keep everything and you can disney bound/bring your own dress. It's really fun for any age, actually!

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