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    Angry Annual Pass Questions

    I own a Deluxe Annual Pass and was wondering, now that they raised the prices of tickets, are they going to raise the annual pass prices and increase the black out days for next year? Also, do you think it's going to be overcrowded all year? Disneyland seems to be getting too small to house all the people that are now inhabiting the park daily. Do they have a plan to fix this? I love Disneyland, but not with the crowds it's been getting lately, it ruined my last trip.
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    Re: Annual Pass Questions

    The reason that they have increased the prices and have gotten rid of the "So Cal" AP is specifically to lower crowds in order to improve the quality of each visit.

    See, the So Cal pass's popularity, because of it's affordability (most amount of days for the least amount of money) floods the parks, and deteriorates the quality of each trip. They especially did this with the people who spend $150+ for one day tickets in mind. Their trying to make sure people get the most out of their money. There will be no change in blockout dates for each pass - at least not in the near future. You can actually find all this info out by calling the parks themselves, they are more than happy to answer these kinds of questions.

    As far as future projects go, I know that Disney owns A LOT more land than one would think (the majority of it being behind Autopia and the Tomorrowland Raliroad station), so I'm not sure on when, but I know Disney wants to incorporate that land into the park, could be SEVERAL years off though.

    I'm pretty sure the majority of this is credible, as I'm a cast member at the parks. Hope this helped calmed some nerves. We should start to see the effects of these changes soon.

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