Universal Studios' "House of Horrors" Is Closing Its Doors -

My least favorite experience at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights is their “House of Horrors,” a tribute the their classic monster movies that started way back in 1931. It’s a super weak maze haunt that’s also open year-round, well, at least until September 1st.

Inside Universal confirms that the attraction is officially shutting down to make space for a venue with dining, shopping and entertainment options. Clearly, a “House of Horrors” is better than a giant “store”, and it’s also bizarre timing considering Universal Pictures is re-launching their Universal Monsters line with The Mummy, and hoping to reinvigorate the monsters into an Avengers-styled franchise. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a long-term plan to create something more special? I doubt it, but I can dream…

Introduced in 2007 as a replacement to Van Helsing: Fortress Dracula, Universal’s House of Horrors is a year-round maze modeled after Universal’s classic movie monsters, including Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman. With the reintroduction of Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood, House of Horrors has also been redressed in a scarier, raunchier fashion. Most recently, the maze has been operated as Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection with plans to dress the maze after SyFy’s Face Off during this year’s event.

Say your farewells in August before its gone forever.