So this weekend in Pittsburgh, PA is the "Steel City Con". It's Pittsburgh comic con. (Yes for some reason has to rename everything to have "Steel" in it, due to our roots.) So my boyfriend and I got 3 day passes cause heck why not. Over the course of 2 days so far I have bought 10 trading pins. I was kinda surprised that they even had disney pins and when I accepted it (Which was very fast), I was upset that there weren't more. I mean booths had the collecting pins but not trading pins. Now this is reserved for me only to have bought 10 so far. I am saving up due to our up coming WDW/Disney Cruise trip. Just curious if any other people have seen Disney trading pins at comic cons. Like I said it was surprising to me to even see. I made a connection with one seller in our love fore figment so its just been a fantastic weekend so far. (Minus my trip to the ER cause I'm dumb and hurt myself HA)