Need help identifying!
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    Need help identifying!

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    Hey all I am very new to this site and hoping someone may be able to help me out. I have stumbled across an old vintage original cell drawing from the 1935 Mickey Mouse cartoon episode entitled "Mickeys Service Station". This drawing is outlined in a frame with signatures lining it. It is 100% hand drawn. The message on the picture reads "We'll Miss You Harry" My main question is.... WHO ARE THE PEOPLE REFERRING TO AS HARRY??? I count 42 signatures on the drawing, I can only make out about 35 signatures the rest of them were signed with like a mechanical pencil and over the years it has seem to fade/ rub off. All of the signatures i have found are famous writers or directors associated with "Harry"
    Some of the people I have found are:

    Karl Karpe: He did layouts for Disney animations. Died in 84.

    Roger Eaker: He was a motion pictures producer/owner

    Don Hulett: Associated with Disney films

    Danny Delgado: Actor as the "Black Ranger" in the famous Power Rangers cartoon

    Dick Payne: Actor for Disney

    Art Goldberg: Disney Animations

    Leroy Beach: Lawyer

    Joe Sanderson: Investor for Disney Florida

    Ruth Stone: Disney Poem Writter

    Chuck Fowler: Script Writer for Ebcott Center Disney

    Oscar Esquivel: Graphic Designer for Disney Records Mexico

    Dave Lanning: Famous Sport Commentator

    Sam Marks: Playwright

    Otis Murdock:1986 Wonderfull world of color tv series.

    Jerry Molen: Film Producer in Jurassic Park

    Tom Marshall: Famous Vocalist/ Artist/ Keyboardist

    L. Bingham: gave Disney Multi Million Dollar Investment deal.

    Woody Elsey:????

    Dale Clark: ?????

    These are just a few of the people that signed this Farewell to "Harry" if you will. some of the signatures say "Aloha" or "Have Fun" I am assuming that he was retiring to Hawaii? This is all just a guess. I am just trying to gather more information on this really cool one of a kind piece. If you have any comments or know anyone that could possibly give me more information or insight on the names or anything it would be greatly appreciated!

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