Harry Potter Diagon Alley
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    Harry Potter Diagon Alley

    I am writing this on my last day in Orlando as I strongly feel that parents of stroller age children should be aware. I want to stress first that what Universal have built for Harry Potter is nothing short of incredible. Families with older children will have an amazing time. However, as I am an auntie to a 3 and 1 year old who were on holiday with me, Diagon Alley is NOT friendly or accommodating to you. You cannot get in any shops with strollers and the Leaky Cauldron restaurant asked us to take both children outside. Universal is letting families with young children down and the staff act like they are on a power-hungry crazy trip. So please be aware when taking young children. Universal are happy to take all your money but do not want your young children there.

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    That's terrible! Maybe you should send a copy of your letter to their headquarters because that's just not right. I know I would if it happened to me .
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    Why did the Leaky Cauldron staff ask you to take the kids outside?

    We have licensing laws in the UK which prevent kids entering bars so I can understand if it's for legal reasons but otherwise.....

    As for the shops, I'm guessing they are small so in keeping with the movie - in which case they sadly won't be stroller friendly. They should have stroller parks nearby though if that's the case (although I appreciate carrying kids in isn't easy either!).
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