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    transportation advice

    We are going to WDW on June 28 - July 3. My MIL booked the whole family. However she booked our travel day and first day of hopper on the same day. We are flying in from New Orleans (dropping baby off at grandparents). Reasonably priced plane tickets get us in late afternoon amd to me that is a waste of a park pass. DH and I decided to fly in Saturday night and we booked a hotel at the airport. So we now need to figure out the best option to get to POR Sunday morning? Would a cab be super expensive or should we take a shuttle back to the airport to catch the magic express?? Any advice appreciated

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    I don't know how much a cab would be but I would probably go back and take the magical express. Another option an be the lynx bus.
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    Re: transportation advice

    I would go for the magical express also.
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    Magical express is free! That's a no brainer to me. I also think the magical express gets you more excited about being in Disneyworld.

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