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    I've tried to do some research on this, but to no avail.

    My friend and I aren't travelling into Orlando International Airport -- we're travelling into Sanford, instead. I was curious as to whether there's a Magical Express from Sanford, or if we'll have to make other arrangements? Even though, I recall paying for the transfers with the travel agent when we booked the holiday. Any help would be appreciated!!

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    I believe the answer is No. Magical express does not operate out of Sanford. I would suggest calling Disney direct to confirm. If you went through a travel agent and you remember seeing something about transfers, the agent may have arranged for something which you have prepaid for. Did you check with your agent?

    Good luck!!!

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    I spoke to my travel agent today and she explained that it isn't the Disney Express from Sanford so we'll have another coach transfer to the resort, we just have to meet with a rep when we land and they'll point us in the right direction.

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    I was going to say no.. but you have your answer. You will most likely be going via Mears from Sanford Airport.

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