favorite shows soon to be gone
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  1. favorite shows soon to be gone

    Just heard news that Beauty and The Beast Stage show and Indiana Jones are both leaving is this true ?

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    I hope not

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    Last i heard Indiana Jones was being refurbished.

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    Re: favorite shows soon to be gone

    didnt hear about B&B however IJones isnt a big loss you can only see that so many times. Besides there making way for the new enhancements to the Star Wars motif. From what i have read there going to theme HS to several areas.. Star Wars, Cars, Villans etc

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    True both are going with the new park updates but in the case of IJSS if you have seen it once not a lot to miss.

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    Re: favorite shows soon to be gone

    mberenato is right. Indiana Jones looses it's appeal after the 3rd or 4th view. It's true that not all visitors will have had the opportunity to see it more than once, but considering how much space it occupies, it might be a good idea to adapt that space to several new attractions. We just got back from California and I have to say, the Indiana Jones Ride, is really good.

    As for the Beauty show, well, that simply seems like a (very)stripped down version of the Broadway show. We saw the Aladdin show at California Adventure and have to admit that while it is not a full-scale production, the show, the sets, and the theatre are very impressive.

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    Re: favorite shows soon to be gone

    Hmm, I thought they weren't closing Indy... but all I hear is 30th hand rumors

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    Agree that Aladdin wasn't bad, almost like a real show

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    Re: favorite shows soon to be gone

    They aren't. Only show officially closing is LMA
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    Re: favorite shows soon to be gone

    But WRT Indy being less interesting the nth time (isn't that true of most attractions?) one of the park's folks last week told me that they have far more 1st timers at WDW than DL.

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