No loose articles allowed on rides
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    No loose articles allowed on rides

    I have a question about rides that say "No loose articles allowed".

    I have eyeglasses and if I take them off I am basically blind, or at least everything is a huge blur. On the Men in Black ride you are supposed to be shooting things. If I have to take my glasses off I won't be able to see anything.

    Do these "loose articles" include glasses?

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    Re: No loose articles allowed on rides

    Hi, I'm pretty much in the same boat. I think it really depends on the ride. I keep my glasses on for rides like MIB and it's never been a problem but I take them off for coasters like Dragon Challenge. My rule of thumb is - if it turns me upside down then no glasses but on anything else the glasses stay on.
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    Re: No loose articles allowed on rides

    I wear my glasses for everything. I've never had any problem wearing them on the coasters
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    Re: No loose articles allowed on rides

    I dont think they mean glasses... Thats a message for folks who want to use the CM's to hold their stuff or well just dont think about anything.

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