How much spending money on a budget?
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    How much spending money on a budget?

    Hi all! Well it's officially 166 days until my first ever trip to WDW, would anyone be able to help with budget advice? It is myself and my 9yr old son going, all tickets are paid for and I decided against the dining plan as we're not big eaters and I think the cost was more than I'd probably spend eating normally. We have a scheduled certain parks on certain days with days off etc, I don't have any interest in shopping whilst there so will just be souvenirs and food.
    I have decided to give my son an allowance to stop him "I want, I want" and am going to give him around $300 so he can buy his teddy, pins etc and the odd ice cream so he can learn how much things cost and the value of actually wanting something. How much would people recommend taking? I'm a single parent and no credit cards so was planning on eating at places like cici's in an evening, taking my own snacks to the parks so maybe one meal at rainforest cafe but apart from that will be cheap and cheerful. I've already checked online re gifts that I want to bring home and it doesn't add up to much and although will be magical and want to buy everything I'm quite a frugal person, so far I have $935 plus $300 for my son. I see people saying take £2000 but I honestly can't afford that or see me spending that even if I could. Thanks in advance x

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    You can get enough good and a few souvenirs for that much. You won't be able to go crazy though. You can look on °°°°°°°.com which is a disney site. And they have all the prices for meals at the parks so you can see how much it'll cost if you know what you will want to eat.

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    Hi clairelbrook Welcome to TD!
    sure you can do Disney on a budget. We have a thread here that you can click on and check out some helpful tips from me and our members.
    hope these tips help you out and we hope you have a magical trip!
    When you get back from your trip write us a trip report and tell us about it.
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    Thank you both for replies! I've checked out all the menu's and prices online so will be staying away from eating at the parks, my son has autism so sitting down and eating with a character is out of the question so will just be a relaxed trip at his pace, mcdonalds, pizza, Steak 'n Shake as we are in LBV and near plenty of food outlets. Souvenir wise I am gonna check out the outlets first to see if we can get our money to stretch further, am not one for gimmicks so a Mickey Mouse tea pot won't sway me, the only things we want are a teddy, my son wants a blanket (he got one from Disneyland Paris so wants another) and Harry Potter wands from universal with some sweets thrown in for good measure. Gifts for family will be little things like pencils/magnets etc and will be limited, I've set aside so much for house keeping and priced up the above souvenirs with the obligatory mouse ears, set aside money for evening meals at above and similar places then $20 per day for bits like ice cream in the parks if necessary which would leave me a few hundred $ left for what I presume will go on pins. I will try and add some more $ to it as have both ️mine and his birthday coming up, but finding a balance between doing it on budget and not having enough to enjoy ourselves is gonna be difficult. Thanks again 😃

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    Ps... Have already started collecting pins from eBay for my son (and perhaps me) to cut costs down, have had a look at the linked page and am pretty much doing all that's on there, I won't be driving as declined the car as the thought of driving on the "wrong side" of the road fills me with dread, I picked the cheap hotel with the most central point for everywhere where I also get 2 adult breakfasts and 1 adult dinner for two so will use this to lessen food costs. I'm really really e cited about going just anxious as general consensus on Google is either $150-200 a day or over £2000, I might be able to scrape together about $1600 total plus my sons $300 and feel a little easier about it but will still worry

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    Re: How much spending money on a budget?

    I think you should have plenty of money, and staying around LBV there is an Orlando premium outlet around that area whitch has a Disney's character warehoues, it's items straight from the parksand Disney resorts at discount prices. There is always a good selection. I was there just a week ago and got a picture frame for $2.99 and Elsa and Anna dolls which were $29.99 in the park in Janurary and only $17.99 there. They always have toys, clothing, pins, towels, etc. and so many other things. They also had really nice coloring books for $1.99. You may have to take a taxi or your hotel may have a shuttle service, but I think it would a great place to find gifts for yourself and family

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    Thank you, that's reassuring! I'm staying at the Clarion inn so across the i4 from the outlet, I picked there as central to everywhere really, we're definitely going to the outlets to buy our bits and bobs. We went to Disneyland Paris 6 years ago and it was absolutely extortionate prices and with the $ to £ not being to great have been stressing if not have enough! Thank you so much for your reply x

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    Re: How much spending money on a budget?

    Hi, if you're going for 14 days $1600 is more than enough. We try to stick to a budget of around $50 per person per day for meals and snacks. We usually have cereal in our room for breakfast, have a quick service meal in the park for lunch and then dinner outside of the park. We've even managed to come home with money at the end of our trip! Two people can eat dinner in places like Olive Garden for less than $40. American portion sizes are huge so we never manage dessert.
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    That's brill, thanks! I've ordered a pre paid MasterCard so will have a little bit of back up 😃

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