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    Think we've been spoiled with great food and great service. I guess on that basis, they're allowed one slip-up.

    Just the one though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mcwee View Post
    Basically most everything you want to load a Taco Salad or hamburger is on this bar. Sliced and diced onions and tomatoes, full leaf and shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, melted nacho cheese, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions, hamburger pickles, jalapeño and yellow peppers.
    I've only been to Pecos Bill once and ordered a taco salad, not realizing that all I was getting was a big tortilla shell filled with unappetizing meat...and I was supposed to top it with hamburger fixings and extremely bland salsa. Ugh. I wound up throwing it away. Never again.

    As far as Jiko goes, I will definitely go back. I've always had excellent experiences there.

    (My iPad spellcheck keeps trying to turn the word Jiko into "kilo." Lol)

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