Polynesian Sticky Wings (Kona Cafe)
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    Sticky Wings (Kona Cafe)

    Sticky Wings (Kona Cafe)

    Sticky Wings...or "Wangs" as we say in the south...yum yum!

    Here is the dish I'm attempting to copy.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This recipe has three main steps. The sauce, the poach, and the final fry.


    Poaching Liquid
    2 cups Soy Sauce
    16 oz light brown sugar
    1 whole head of garlic
    4 cups of cold water
    1 or so lb of chicken wings

    Sticky Wing Sauce
    1 cup of light brown sugar
    1/2 a head of garlic
    1.25 cups of Soy Sauce

    Mustard Sauce
    1/3 cup Mayo
    2 tbls Dijon Mustard
    2 tbls Yellow Mustard
    1 tbls Rice Wine Vinegar (unseasoned)
    2 tbls Honey
    1/2 tsp Louisiana Style Hot Sauce

    Micro Artisan Lettuce, or Baby Romaine (either works)
    White Onion
    Baby Red Pepper

    Step 1) Add all the ingredients for the Mustard Sauce to a bowl, and whisk with a fork until well mixed. Set aside.

    Step 2) Add the Poaching ingredients to a pot and bring to a boil.

    Step 3) Prep the chicken wings.

    Step 4) Add the chicken wings to the poaching liquid and cook on medium high for 20 minutes.

    Step 5) Remove the wings with tongs and toss the poaching liquid. Set the wings aside.

    Step 6) Add the Wing Sauce ingredients to a medium saucepan over medium heat.

    Step 7) Bring to a boil, then lower to medium heat and saute for about 5 minutes, stirring often. Then using an immersion blender (or a normal blender) blend until smooth (if using a normal blender, return it to the pot after blending).

    Step 8) Fry the chicken wings in a deep fryer or pot set to 350 degrees for about 2 - 3 minutes, until the wings start to caramelize and brown.

    Step 9) Add the wings to the sauce and toss to cover well.

    Step 10) Chop up some artisanal lettuce, a white onion and a small red pepper.

    Step 11) Plate the wings, mustard sauce and salad, and sprinkle with white and black sesame seeds. DEVOUR! Nom nom!

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    Re: Sticky Wings (Kona Cafe)

    WOW that looks AMAZING!!

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