Mission: Cirque du Soleil La Nouba
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La Nouba, from the French "faire la noube" meaning to "live it up and party", is located at Disney Springs West Side (near Disneyquest), this is an exclusive show. That's right, La Nouba doesn't tour, and can only be seen at Disneyworld.

The theater was specifically designed for this show, which like other dedicated theaters Cirque has in Las Vegas, New York and other places. It was also the first freestanding building ever built for Cirque du Soleil, and has a total seating capacity of 1,671 people. The theater itself is incredibly tall, measuring 100 feet to the fly level and 152 feet to the top of the masts.

Cirque terms this sort of experience as a "residence show", but what this means for you, the audience, is that the sets, stunts, lighting and effects are of a magnitude and scale that you will not find with the traveling shows.

The Show
The story, like many Cirque shows, doesn't tell an outright tale, rather a series of whimsical experiences with characters tying it together. For La Nouba, those main characters are:

The Green Bird (pictured above) - She is a flightless bird who has escaped her cage and is exploring the world
Les Cons - Dressed all in white, these are whimsical characters that perform amazing acrobatics and amusing skits
The Titan - A gigantic "muscle man" who performs contortion and acrobatic stunts, including the famous trampoline act
The Walker - A Charlie Chaplin style character, comic relief
The Acrobatic Pierrot - This is a red parrot, and has a subplot as the adversary of Titan
The Dancers - A Pierrot style sad clown and lost ballerina carry one of the other subplots of La Nouba as a sad love story
The Clowns - First, the original Clowns from the show retired last year, and the replacements have updated the acts and costumes slightly. Show up early as these guys will entertain and interact with the audience pre show! They are the primary comic relief with a series of skits throughout the show. A fan favorite.
Petite Madame (the Cleaning Woman) - She represents a comical perspective from the view of the audience. She sweeps and dusts in the world of La Nouba constantly amazed by what she finds as she cleans her way through the show.

Other acts rotate occasionally, but currently are:
Jump Rope - Expert Jump Ropers...it sounds silly, but it's amazing to see in person. It will make you look at this classic childrens toy in a whole new light
High Wire - Taking advantage of the height of the theater, wire walkers cross a half inch steel wire 90 feet above the stage.
Diabolos - These are Chinese yoyos, with amazing stunts performed by ornately costumed children. You can buy them in the gift shop as well (the Diabolos, not the children! <wink>), and they are a neat souvenir from the show.
Aerial Cradle - An acrobatic show taking place 34 feet in the air.
Aerial Ballet in Silk - Long and graceful silk is lowered from the ceiling, and performers show their strength and skill as they perform acrobatic stunts and literally sail / swing above the audience
Rola Bola - A balancing act.
Flying Trapeze - Classic trapeze act with the Cirque flair. This takes place 53 feet above the stage!
Power Track and Trampoline - One of the most famous acts, this was common to see in Cirque TV Specials in the late 90s

There are 2 showtimes, 7 days a week, at 6p and 9p. I prefer the later show, but both are equally amazing depending on your schedule. The show lasts for around 2 hours. The pre-show starts 15 minutes before showtime (and I highly recommend you show up early, the Clowns are amazing!

Tickets and Seating
Tickets are sold either through the Disney Travel Company, through the Cirque du Soleis Website, or by calling 407.WDW.SEAT.

Current ticket prices are based on seating section.
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Here's a breakdown by section.

Golden Circle (adult $139, child $115)
Front and Center (adult $124, child $102)
Category 1 (adult $99, child $80)
Category 2 (adult $80, child $64)
Category 3 (adult $75, child $60)
Category 4 (adult $59, child $48)

Due to the design of the theater, there really are no bad seats. Lighting booths and other stage equipment was designed into the theater in such a way that there are no obstructed views, and you really can't go wrong with any ticket.

However, sections I'd recommend are:

Section 102 / 103 / 104 Front and Center
This offers some rather unique performer interactions, as they do interact with the audience. However, many don't like this view because you have to crane your head up to see some of the more spectacular aerial displays.

Section 103 Golden Circle
These are generally considered the best seats in the house. But, they aren't worth the extra price in my opinion. Rather, I'd go with...

Section 204 Front and Center
For the overall show experience, visually, I think these are the best seats in the house. They offer you a great view of the stage, and you'll also see and experience some interaction with characters who parade through the theater before and during the show.

One other note, if you book through Disney Travel as part of a package deal, you will not be able to request your seat, merely your category of seating. However, if you call them directly, or book through the website, you will be able to select your seat, so I'd highly recommend doing so.

Tickets can be mailed to you before your trip, or you can pick them up at Will Call, which is located on the lower level outside the theater before the ramp that takes you up to the concession area, just to the right of the Gift Shop.

If you don't purchase tickets in advance, you still may be able to get in. Most shows are not sell outs, and you save no money purchasing in advance. So, if you aren't sure about it, you can wait until your trip to purchase the final tickets. I've walked up and gotten Front and Center without much hassle at all, so it's doable. But, you may have more limited seating options. It all depends on the show.

Large Group discounts and bulk tickets are also available.

Camera Policy
Cameras (including non-flash or video) are forbidden from being used before or during the show, and they monitor and police this policy strictly. Part of this is for the safety of the performers (a flash going off can distract a trapeze artists, for example, with a nasty result), but it's also because they want to sell you the show on DVD afterwards. Anyhow, leave your camera in your pocket / bag.

Concessions and Gift Shop
Concessions are located at the top of the building, just before you enter the theater. They sell pretty basic items, all pretty much Movie Theater grade. Popcorn, sodas, nachos, pretzels and the like. They also have a limited selection of mixed drinks and beer and wine for sale. A Collectible Popcorn Tub and Drink Cup is probably the best way to go. But, you aren't missing anything if you skip Concessions altogether (though, I would recommend at least getting a drink).

I've found the large collectible popcorn and drink deal works for me and my kiddo on our visits, and lasts the entire show (they are large)

The Gift Shop has a variety of t-shirts, toys and DVDs. Nothing really unique here. The DVD is well produced, and a fun way to relive the show, but it is expensive (as you'd expect). The only unique item I'll mention here, as I did before, is the diabolos. These are a neat outdoor toy for kids of all ages, and quite unique.

La Nouba is an amazing experience for all ages, and certainly something one should check out. It's an extremely unique offering at Disney Springs, and in my opinion is the perfect ending for a family day at Disney Springs or a "Date Night" with mom and dad.