ADR reservations
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    ADR reservations

    I've heard mixed reviews about this restaurant. What has been your experience there?
    I've made reservations for
    Hoop dee doo revue
    Cape may dinner
    Sci fi diner
    50s prime time cafe
    Crystal palace
    Chef Mickey
    Tusker house
    Ohana breakfast

    I was wondering if rainforest is worth it and if I should do both tusker house and chef Mickey since they both have the same character dining. Or are they different?

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    I love tusker house but for lunch or dinner options. Chef Mickey breakfast is probably the best of all breakfast options due to characters, resort environment and overall experience.
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    Re: ADR reservations

    Tusker has a great breakfast, but yeah, I think Chef Mickey's is the best breakfast on property, frankly (with maybe Crystal Palace being an exception to that?)

    That said, Tusker has the mealie pap. And, I love me some mealie pap.
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