MAKO Confirmed As B&M Hypercoaster for 2016
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    MAKO Confirmed As B&M Hypercoaster for 2016

    SeaWorld Florida

    A few more details (and pieces of artwork) on MAKO were sent my way. For starters the coaster will be the centerpiece of a new 2-acre shark themed area that will include Mako, Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill, new shops, shark and shipwreck theming and new educational experiences. The entire "realm" will be themed to look as if you are underwater and near a shipwreck taken over by group of sharks. After dark, special lighting will be used to accent the new land, including the coaster's track and trains. Mako will also use a unique sound system to enhance the experience, and not just for those on the coaster itself. The full "score" created for Mako will be heard as it follows the riders out of the station and up the lift hill, and custom "surround effects" for the musical score will "fill the realm, changing as the coaster dives through the area."
    The coaster itself will feature a total of 9 airtime hills along the route, full of the negative g-forces that coaster lovers crave. The ride will also feature custom themed Mako trains.

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    Now that is going to be fun! I love kracken & can't wait to ride this one.
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    Re: MAKO Confirmed As B&M Hypercoaster for 2016

    I'm really looking forward to this ride!
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    Re: MAKO Confirmed As B&M Hypercoaster for 2016

    That looks wild!!

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