Six Flags Over Georgia kicks out couple for belly button
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    Six Flags Over Georgia kicks out couple for belly button

    And no, i'm not making this up

    Six Flags over Georgia apparently has a new enemy... and it's one that every park guest has on them, ready to whip it out at a moments notice and bring an end to the very world! Yes... I'm talking about Belly Buttons.

    I received a report that a couple entered Six Flags over Georgia but were grabbed by security upon entry because the woman was wearing a short tank top / halter top that exposed her belly button for the world to see. Apparently, this is now a sin in the state of Georgia... or at least at Six Flags over Georgia and "Ssssshh... don't you tell anyone at the Hurricane Harbor waterpark!!"

    Anyway, they made her buy a new top at one of the park' gift shops that ended up being far more revealing that she wanted, as it had split open sides that completely exposed her bra. She tries to tie it back to tighten it and close the gap, but Oops!! That Belly Button poked out again and once again security grabbed them, which ended up with a trip to Guest Services who eventually kicked them out of the park with no refund for the tickets or the needless shirt purchase, just for arguing the matter.

    ThemeParkUniversity actually posted an excellent write up of the events, complete with PICTURES taken in the park of the woman's outfit, both before and after. Even better, they grabbed screen captures of the official DRESS CODE published on the Six Flags website for the park on June 1st, and again on June 2nd after changes were made after the fact, regarding the issue of half shirts and belly button exposure. Why in the heck Six Flags over Georgia has suddenly gone postal over Belly Buttons is beyond me!

    Even more amazing is the fact that Six Flags over Georgia just sent me a PRESS KIT for the opening of their new Dive Bomber waterslide at the White Water waterpark that features... you guessed it... images of guests showing off fully exposed belly buttons. I also wonder if the park is planning on hosting any local Cheerleading competitions this summer? Many theme park's do... and all those girls come with Belly Buttons, often with outfits designed to expose them on purpose. And I wonder if Six Flags still ever uses the Lola Bunny costume they used to have... the one that features Lola with a half shirt and exposed belly. Just saying... this Belly Button ban really is kind of over the top silly, especially for a company as big as Six Flags. Let's hope they make this right somehow after they ruined this couple’s day at the park, and tarnished their opinion about the Six Flags brand.

    The story is here Six Flags over Georgia with the other write up here along with the pictures Are Belly Buttons Inappropriate at Six Flags Over Georgia? - Theme Park University
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    That's just crazy! Lol how absurd.
    Frying pans! Who knew, right!?

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