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    Firsts for our Jan marathon trip:
    1. Be our Guest dinner
    2. Akershus breakfast
    3 - ??? Who knows? We have 10 more days to figure it out before 180 day out to day 1 at POR, building 14 baby! Whoot whoot!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessprincess View Post
    Some firsts for me this trip: *Staying at POR *Eating at Be Our Guest for lunch *Dinner at La Hacienda De San Angel for Illuminations viewing *Captain EO- I've never done this in all the years at Disney World but DF is a huge MJ fan. Curious Alice, when are you going? I'd love to hear how the Grand Floridian cafe is. I'm sure there will be more. I'd like to book a few more restaurants but I'm traveling with my soon to be DH who is not an adventurous eater! Any suggestions are welcome
    I've added a couple new firsts!

    -dinner at Le Cellier
    -lunch at Sci-Fi Dine In
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    Quote Originally Posted by vanessprincess View Post
    Update- I've added a couple new firsts! -dinner at Le Cellier -lunch at Sci-Fi Dine In
    Two good choices! The maple creme brle at Le Cellier is amazing!

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    Everything about my trip will be a Disney first
    1) first time for my children
    2) first time as a married couple
    3) first trip I have planned

    Am so excited mostly for
    1) dinner at cinderellas royal table
    2) children doing bibbidi boutique and pirate league
    3) lunch at coral reef

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curious Alice View Post

    I'm very interested in hearing how the DVC points rental goes. We've thought about doing it just to do something different.

    And my favorite place for vegan food at WDW is in Morocco at Epcot.
    So far it's been really smooth. We couldn't get the first two resorts we wanted, but we are pretty flexible on that, plus old key west is dirt cheap, even compared to values.

    It's not quite as smooth as just booking all through disney, but the savings is undeniable. I'm report back in if there are any problems once we actually get in property.

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